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COVID-19 PROTOCOLS Know before you go



To maintain the high levels of safety, service and care that Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing is known for, the following protocols will be implemented. 


All guests are required to provide proof of vaccination with a Government of Canada-approved vaccine. We recognize that full vaccination against COVID-19 greatly reduces both the spread of the virus and the risk of serious illness or death as a result of contracting the virus.  Therefore, all guides and front-line staff are fully vaccinated.  Vaccine exemptions are not accepted, and a negative COVID-19 test will not be accepted in place of vaccine.   


Masks remain mandatory in helicopters and on shuttle transit to Blue River. This aligns with the federal transportation mandate and provincial recommendation.

Mask wearing is strongly encouraged and recommended for guests when moving around all shared buildings. The resort standard mask is now a KN95 or better-grade mask. All staff and guests will be provided with KN95 standard masks (or better). 

 Staff are required to wear masks in designated and signed shared spaces: This includes the shuttle, Thunder Ridge (Reception), Ski Shop, Bonnie’s Boutique, and during massages. 


Physical distancing is proven to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of illness. It is recommended to keep a distance of at least two arms lengths (approximately 2 meters) from others as much as possible. Avoid crowded areas and avoid common greetings such as handshakes.  


Hand Sanitizing stations will be available throughout the resort at the entrance to all buildings and rooms.  Public high-touch surfaces and restrooms will be frequently cleaned and disinfected throughout the resort with EPA-approved products. 


To limit the spread of any communicable disease, all staff and guests must complete a self-assessment daily health check prior to departure of their room each morning.  They will be posted in your room and reviewed by your guide prior to skiing.  Daily health check questions

Your Skiing Pod 

Guests will now ski exclusively as a ski pod to reduce interaction with other groups. We recommend you minimize any interactions with guests outside of your ski pod. 


ALL PASSENGERS IN THE HELICOPTER MUST WEAR A MASK Properly as required by Canadian Federal Aviation Regulations. Our standard for masks in the Helicopter is a KN95 mask or better. 

 This will safeguard you, your guides and our pilots and keep you skiing. 

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