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Weather Report We have the mountains’ pulse.

When we make our daily skiing plan, weather is one of the most important factors. Which is why we collect as much accurate information from our remote weather station in the Cariboo mountains, and one at the Blue River Airport. We don’t have the power to change the weather, but we are equipped to make the most of it.

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Cloudy with sunny periods. Precipitation: Nil. Alpine temperature: High -5 °C. Ridge wind west: 10 km/h. Freezing level: 1400 metres.

Extended Forecast

Cloudy with scattered flurries. Snow later on in the week. Temperatures steady around -6.

Weather Conditions


173 cm 68 in


-2.1 °C


9 km/h South



Past 24 Hours

0 cm 0 in

Past 48 Hours

13 cm 5 in

Past 7 Days

13 cm 5 in

Weather conditions are updated hourly using data from our remote weather station, located at 1900m/6300ft in the Cariboo Mountains. So you and your guides know exactly what to expect.

Data is reset hourly, snowfall at 7am daily. Mt. St. Anne weather station is at an elevation of 1900m/6300ft.

Runs skied on Feb 20, 2024

  • Norberts C4
  • Norberts South C4
  • Norberts North C4
  • Nancy's Relief C5
  • A la Carte C5
  • Bonous Bowl C5
  • Coyote C5
  • El Wopo C5
  • Wop Run C5
  • Corkscrew C8
  • Gold North M1
  • Gold Glacier M1
  • Mickey Mouse M10
  • Windfall M12
  • Grouse M12
  • Windfall Trees M12
  • Frozen Trees M14
  • Lulu M14
  • Dominion M14
  • Dominion Trees M14
  • Window
  • The M3
  • Mammoth Glacier M3
  • Very Berry M3
  • Mammoth West M3
  • Beat's Home Run M3
  • Berloni Bowl M5
  • Sandyland M6
  • Holy Grail M6
  • Sandyland North M6
  • Arabian Knights M6
  • Harrison Glacier M9
  • Cream Cheese R1
  • Cream Puff R1
  • Trailer Park Bowl R1
  • Oyster Bay R1
  • Heli Mamma R1
  • Jack in the Box R1
  • One n' Done R1
  • Crusty Kleenex R1
  • Dr. Feel Good R1
  • Back Seat Boyz R1
  • Abi Guzunt R1
  • Crackerjack R1
  • Mellow Yellow R1
  • Frank's Goat R1
  • Amazing Grace R1
  • Baby Grace R1
  • Swindle R1
  • It's a Gem R1
  • Sleeping Dragon R1
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