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Covid-19 Protocols and Update Our Commitment to Safety and Health

Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing

2020/21 Season Update

Like many businesses worldwide who have experienced disruption from Covid-19, MWHS has worked tirelessly to remain within the ever-changing health regulations and advisories, while hoping and planning for the possibility of hosting a limited number of guests this winter.

Given the national and international travel advisories still in effect, and our never compromising commitment to safety first, we have made the decision to not operate for the remainder of this season.

Nothing makes us happier than sharing the Wiegele World experience! With great optimism, we are now focused on the 2021/22 season knowing that next year holds great promise of renewal and reunion, and the best powder skiing in the world, for our team and our guests.

We look forward to welcoming you again to Wiegele World next winter.


MWHS has always maintained high levels of safety, service and care that go beyond the industry standards. We are working with our physician group, infectious disease specialists and local health authorities to create the best possible COVID safety plan.  We will keep our plan updated to reflect current knowledge and technology.

During the COVID pandemic we need to take extra precautions.  Operations around the lodge and the helicopter will be different, however the skiing will still be the same AWESOME powder you know! 

In the same way that we train you in our rescue protocols, we will train you in the COVID-19 precautions you will be required to follow.  We want to keep you, your skiing friends and our staff as safe as possible in the COVID-19 environment.  

Once we are skiing in the mountains we will be in the lowest COVID-19 risk environment we know of. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us

Before You Travel


Shuttles and Vans
  • Temperature check and screening before boarding
  • Mandatory to wear masks for the duration of the journey
  • 50% capacity
  • Regular sanitization of high touch surfaces after every passenger trip
thunder Ridge center - Welcome and check-in
  • Sanitizing stations
  • Masks are mandatory
  • Physical barriers at front desk and during waiver signing
  • Distance markings, signage and occupancy limits
  • COVID safety orientation
  • Small group mountain safety orientation with your guide

Around the Resort

We have developed and implemented COVID-19 cleaning, disinfecting and sanitation protocols that are in addition to the high level of safety and service that is expected by our guests when visiting the resort.  

Public Indoor Spaces
  • All persons entering shared buildings will be required to wear a face mask
  • Hand sanitizing stations at building entry points
  • Barriers, signage and markers communicating physical distancing protocols
  • Extra sanitization at high touch points
  • Dedicated sanitization and disinfection janitor for each building during operating hours
  • We ask you to stick to your own ski/travel pods and not mingle with other pods 
The main lodge

     Powder Max Dining Room

  • Unfortunately there will no longer be the signature Wiegele buffets, but the same legendary food will be served via plate service or in portions at your table
  • You will be seated in your travel pod/helicopter pod with a maximum of 6 at each table
  • Tables a minimum of 2m/6ft apart
  • All servers  and kitchen staff wearing masks
  • No mingling between tables

     Silver Buckle Lounge

  • Guests will only be served when seated at tables with your travel pod (maximum of 6)
  • No service at the bartop 

     Fitness Centre and Spa

  • Gym layout adjusted for maximum spacing and physical distancing
  • Gym attendant managing, cleaning and sanitizing more regularly 
  • Fitness machines distanced and sanitized after each use
  • Registration required for stretch classes with distanced yoga mats and limited occupancy 
  • Intense sanitization of mats and high touch surfaces
  • Hot tub, saunas and showers will be closed


  • Therapists and guests must wear masks
  • All equipment and points of contact will be sanitized between guests
  • Chalet appointments can be arranged
  • Separate entry and exit doors and directional traffic flow
  • Limited occupancy
  • Physical barriers at the rental counter
  • Equipment is sanitized and/or decontaminated between users
  • No guest access
  • Guides will follow strict guidelines to maintain distancing and reduce potential of cross-contact between skiing pods
  • Climbing gym closed
  • Bookings are based on single occupancy
  • Social distancing in common areas
  • Hand sanitizer provided
  • Increased sanitization and disinfection standards in the chalets between each guest visit
  • No in-room daily housekeeping service
  • Check-ups every second day to monitor and top up supplies
  • Replacement linens and supplies available upon request
  • All soft goods replaced or sanitized between guest stays


Let's go skiing!

While you are skiing the world’s best powder you won't notice any changes until we gather to load the  helicopter.  You will be required to wear a special (issued) mask that will work with helmets and goggles when in and around the helicopters.

  • Your ski group will be your “pod”.  Minimize interactions with other pods as much as possible during your stay
  • Maintain distancing at re-groups and helicopter pick-ups and drop-offs
  • Follow guides' instructions (as always) so that spacing is maintained while moving
In/around Helicopters
  • Guides and guests are required to wear masks 
  • Mask and goggles must remain on for the duration of flight
  • If you remove your gloves, they must stay in your lap
  • Avoid touching your face with your gloves
  • Assigned seating in helicopter
  • Hand sanitizer available
  • All high touch areas sanitized between groups
  • Full interior sanitization each day
  • Pilot and front seat guide separated from main cabin by a clear flexible barrier
  • Remain in your pod and distanced 2m/6ft minimum from other pods
  • All guides and guests must sanitize hands immediately before lunch
  • Individual lunches for each guest, no platters
  • Guides will distribute food directly to guests to limit contact
  • Extra PPE such as masks and face shields to protect guests and guides during rescue procedures
  • Inspected and sanitized between each guest
  • Safety orientations modified to reduce group sizes and maintain spacing

Daily Procedures

Every day, all guests and staff will: 
  • Be required to answer a standard health questionnaire
  • Have a temperature check
  • Regularly wash hands or use sanitizer (any time you touch your face, blow your nose, etc)


  • On resort Doctor, subject to the ongoing pandemic
  • Virtual consults will be available
  • Clinic visits will be limited to emergencies only

Checkout and Departure

  • Email checkout the night before departure or in person checkout
  • On the day of departure all rooms must be vacated prior to skiing to allow for extra COVID related cleaning
  • To go lunch provided after 1/2 day Saturday skiing

Our Employees

  • Specific COVID-19 training will be provided to all staff
  • Daily screening for COVID-19 symptoms and temperature check
  • Hand sanitizer stations at all work spaces and staff common areas
  • Stay home if sick
  • If social distancing is not possible, staff will wear approved PPE (e.g. face masks)
  • Minimized physical contact between departments

Safety has been our #1 priority for 50 years. By putting in place these COVID protocols we aim to ensure the safety and wellbeing of guests and employees. We recognise that the COVID protocols may be inconvenient, but they are there so we can do what Mike wants us to do - “Let’s go skiing!”

Thank you for your support and understanding,

The Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing Team