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COVID-19 Keeping you safe so all you have to do is ski.

Lets Go Skiing!

Our Commitment to Health and Safety

MWHS has always maintained high levels of safety, service and care that go beyond the industry standards. We have worked with our Medical Board, infectious disease specialists and are in alignment with our government regulations.  We will keep our plan updated to reflect current knowledge, technology and evolving regulations and requirements. 

Our Covid-19 Response Plan is based on 3 principals: Reduce, Maintain, Contain.  We will minimize risk by Reducing the chance of Covid-19 coming to our resort and by following protocols such as wearing masks. Then we focus on Maintain where we manage and monitor our staff and guests and manage it accordingly and lastly Contain with an effective plan.  

Our Covid-19 Response Plan was developed, consulted and reviewed by our medical professionals and our MWHS Management Team to ensure we are in alignment with our regional and provincial government regulations. 

Safety is our #1 priority and we extend the same high level of commitment to our Covid-19 risk management, so that all you have to do is ski. Operations around the lodge and the helicopter will be different, however the skiing will still be the same awesome powder you know! 

Our Covid-19 Response Plan is fluid and is subject to change as we take direction from our regional, provincial and federal government’s health restrictions and orders. The restrictions are made by the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) under the Public Health Act.  The Interior Health Authority is the regional health authority that serves Blue River, BC.  As these restrictions and orders are amended, so is our response. 

For current information on our government health orders please visit: 


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