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Deep powder at Mike Wiegele Heliski, BC, Canada

Weather & Ski Report

Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing is located in Blue River, BC, in the heart of the massive Cariboo and Monashee mountain ranges, where the warm air from the west meets the cold, dry air from the North and creates more than 10 meters of perfect powder each winter. 

With more than 1,200,00 acres of ski terrain and over 1,000 peaks, guests can enjoy the majesty of the high alpine glaciers as well as the forested valley glades.

These readings are updated on an hourly basis direct from our remote weather stations at Mt. St. Anne which is located in the Cariboo Mountains at the treeline elevation of 6300ft/1900m

From time to time, due to the nature of the mountains, these instruments get iced-up and cease to function.  Accordingly, results may read as "n/a" or "X" or empty until maintenance has been completed.

Mt. St. Anne Station (6,300 ft/1,900 m) Data Last Updated at:   2/23/2017 9:00 PM PST


  • 277 cm / 109.1 inches


  • -13.2°C / 8.2°F


  • NW 11 km/h / 7 mph


  • 83%


New snowfall data is reset daily at 7:00am.

  • Past 24 Hours    0 cm / 0 in
  • Past 48 Hours    0 cm / 0 in
  • Past 7 Days        27 cm / 11 in

Forecast And Extended Forecast

  • Forecast: A mix of sun and cloud. Alpine high -13. Ridge wind west 13km/h. Freezing level valley bottom.
  • Extended Forecast: Cloudy with sunny periods and isolated flurries. Temperatures at -12 to -16. Light ridge winds.

Runs Skied On 02/22/2017

Horseshoe C1, Snow White C1, Cariboo Hideout C2, Miller Country C2, Mike's Warmup Lower C2, Boom Boom Chute C2, Damn Deep C2, White River Trees C2, Pampero C2, Penny Lane C2, Diamond Head C2, Steinbock C2, Three Stooges C2, Pflegerhorn C3, Go Go Juice C3, Turkey Run C3, Norberts C4, Norberts North C4, Not Yet Backside C4, Redmonds Lower C4, Weather Station C4, Raymond's Glacier C5, Coyote Trees C5, Hole in the Wall C5, Stardust C5, Phoebe King C5, Why Not C5, Big White C5, Nancy's Relief C5, El Wopo C5, Coyote C5, Beaujolais C5, Coyote South C5, El Wopo South of C5, Wop Run C5, Bonous Bowl C5, A la Carte C5, Clemens C5, Coyote Chute C5, Shopping Mall C6, Go Joe C6, Cold Coffee C7, Moby Dick C7, Joy Luck North C7, Bavarian Ridge C7, Saurau Ridge C7, Ptarmigan Little C8, Corkscrew C8, Ballanger Bowl C8, Ragweed C8, Freefall Bowl C8, Tiffany Backside C8, El Polvo M14, Dixon Glacier M14, Ptarmigan M4, Smoke Creek Run M4, Saddle M4, Schnelli Bump M5, Take 2 M8, Ed's Chute M8

Mountain Weather Station - Mike Wiegele Heliskiing

How Do We Do It?

Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing utilizes three sophisticated remote weather stations; 2 strategically located in the Cariboo Mountain Ranges as well as a base weather station in the valley at the Blue River airport. Each day starting at 5:30am data that has been collected from these weather stations is analyzed by the guides. This data helps determine the best terrain for the day’s skiing plan and continues to assist throughout the day for terrain and run selection.

The Mt. St. Anne station is located at 6,300 ft/1,900 m which gives an accurate analysis of the conditions at Tree Line. There are 2 stations at Mt. St. Anne, The station in the St. Anne meadow measures the amount of precipitation, new snow, snow base and snow temperatures.  The station at Mt. St. Anne Ridge measures the wind speed, direction, temperature and humidity on a tree-line ridge-top. (both located at 6300 ft/1900 m)

These sites are equipped with technical instruments that include an ultrasonic snow depth device, a temperature and relative humidity sensors as well as wind speed and direction anemometer. The information gathered by these tools at these specific locations is then transmitted to our Weather Office located in the Guides Haus.  These instruments are subject to the elements of wind, cold temperatures and heavy snow so sometimes will fail to read.

We transmit some of this data directly to our website. This “live” data is automatically updated every hour and includes the Snowbase, Temperature, Humidity, and Wind speed data.

On a daily basis the Snowfall readings (24hr, 48hr, 7 day) and the Forecast/Extended Forecast are examined at 6.00am by our Guides and uploaded to our website at 7.00am.

Each day we heli-ski, the "Runs Skied Yesterday" is updated in the afternoon as requested by many of our loyal guests who monitor what type of terrain we skied.

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